Increasing and optimizing the logistic system for increased sales and the introduction of a new product line. 
case icon1Logistic Challenge
  • Enable the logistic system for increased sales and the introduction of a new product line
  • Optimize the supply chain
  • Optimize the supply chain that supports the supply of raw materials
  • Optimize the overall operating logistic costs




case icon2Solution
  • Introduction of an integrated planning system comprising supply, production, distribution and marketing and sales
  • Redesign of layouts of existing operational areas, equipment and processes, taking into account new picking, put-away and shipping processes
  • Finished products and distribution warehouses resizing for long-term capacity building
  • Integration of distribution transport execution operational planning with order processing and warehouse operational planning
  • Functional and technical specifications for software selection for implementation of a warehouse management computer system (WMS)


case icon3Results
  • Capacity optimization of finished products warehouses and distribution center
  • Increased productivity and customer service levels derived from process and layout redesign
  • Improvement of distribution center warehouse throughput and storage capacity
  • Identification of supply chain bottlenecks, upstream in the supply of materials and raw materials, and downstream in marketing and sales processes
  • Improved utilization rate of logistic assets
  • Improving operational supply chain alignment, through new management processes