Manage and optimize routes for more than 100 vehicles operating in national market
case icon1Logistic Challenge 
  • Transportation of Healthcare products for more than 1000 delivery points

  • Client with facilities in Gondomar, Aveiro, Macedo de Cavaleiros and Alcochete, providing to his clients access to more than 15.000 references.


case icon2Solution
  • Acquisition of Geocoder ® software for automatic addresses geotagging.

  • Instalation of Toursolver software for planning and improving delivery routes.



case icon3Results
  • Operational costs reductions (less distance traveled, lower fuel costs)

  • Productivity gains (more visits, more deliveries, more interactions)

  • Service level increase (shorter response time, compliance with delivery features)

  • Less planning time, less downtime between deliveries

  • Reduction of travel times

  • Predictable ETAs and respect for ponctuality

  • Realistic forecasts for travel times

  • Activity and resources monitoring.