Implementation of Multi-Client Warehouse Management System in a Logistic Operator
case icon1Logistic Challenge
  •  Need for a Multi-Client Warehouse Management System

  • Need for an extra control in warehouse processes, as well as to ensure the traceability of lots, expiration dates, serial numbers, EAN 128 rading.

  • Need for an automatic billing system

  • Reduce errors

  • Process and warehouse optimization


case icon2Solution
  •  Instalation of WarePack Pro warehouse management system via radio frequency

  • Instalation of WarePack Pro web portal

  • Code bar management for multiple clients

  • Serial numbers, expiration dates and lots management 

  • Interface with costumers.

  • Billing model development and automatically invoincing for all services provided



case icon3Results
  •  Through the Web Portal clients are able to check the availability of products, enter and check orders.

  • Automatic sharing of information with clients

  • Less picking errors

  • Better traceability of goods movements

  • Higher customer satisfaction level.

  • More effective resources management.

  • Operators become more versatile

  • Productivity gains in internal warehouse service

  • Better use of space.

  • Better control of logistics operations