Supply chain stores
case icon1Logistic Challenge
  • Network of 600 stores1 with short space for stocking
  • Heavy logistic structure, with around 60 delivery points to stores (including warehouse)
  • High logistic fixed costs
  • Low service level <70%) and low supply frequency to stores
  • Significative stock-outs in stores
  • To minimize problems, suppliers were delivering both in warehouses and stores

    1 Including agents


case icon2Solution



case icon3Results
  • Decommissioning of 20 warehouses and their staff
  • Lead-time of 24/48 hours to any store in the country
  • Higher service level (>98%)
  • Payment only takes place when the products are in store
  • The system become able to manage new product lauch and sales peaks (e.g. promotions)
  • Ability to deliver directly to final customer (B2C)