Logistema participates in the ESO's Extremely Large Telescope project

Lisbon, June 28, 2018

Logistema, in partnership with ISQ, was selected to carry out studies and define the track & trace system main requirements of all components that make up the new European Southern Observatory (ESO) telescope, the largest optical and infrared terrestrial device facing the sky, which will be installed in South America.
The ELT - Extremely Large Telescope - project, under development by ESO, an organization that brings together 15 European countries, incorporates thousands of high technology components and modules that will be produced in different countries and will have to be transported for final installation and assembly in Chile. For example, the mirror of this super telescope consists of eight hundred hexagonal segments.

The large and complex flow of materials, from a supply chain that incorporates a global network of suppliers and intermediaries, needs to be synchronized, along with rigorous risk management that ensures the reliability of each movement through to final assembly in Chile. To this end, Logistema will define the concepts, procedures, requirements and technologies for the identification of all ELT components and modules, in order to locate and trace them during the installation phase and, subsequently, to support maintenance activities during the operating phase.

To Logistema CEO, Ricardo Félix, “participation in this high-tech project, in partnership with ISQ, represents the recognition at European level of national experience and know-how in the field of logistics operations and supply chain management".