Logistema developed WarePack as the most efficient answer to the needs of management, operation and control of logistic execution processes, applying the latest radio frequency and bar code technologies.

image14125217792640Designed by professionals experts with extensive logistic experience, this warehouse management system is suitable for any logistic operation, from distributors, retailers and manufacturers, to sophisticated logistic operators (3PL, 4PL). 

Main benefits

  • Improved logistic productivity: less manual operations and more efficient picking
  • Drastic reduction in picking and inventory errors
  • Lower logistic cost of storage: reduced operating time and space optimization
  • Human Resources optimization
  • Continuous information on inventory and optimization of stock turnover
  • Major control of reverse logistics activities
  • Paperless warehouse
  • Scalable solutions for new warehouses and distribution platforms 
  • Integration with major ERP systems

Main features

  • Multi-warehouse
  • Multi-user
  • Management of single or multi-client operations
  • Multi-references / logistic unit management / gestão de suportes
  • Accountability of movements
  • RF / WebRF / RFID / Voice-picking
  • Portal Colaborativo com Interface Web
  • Interfaces com os principais ERP’s do mercado: SAP, SAP B1, Primavera, PHC, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Adgest, Alerce, BPCS, LegacySystem’s, etc.


  • Warehouse management module
  • ERP interface module
  • Pre-billing module
  • PoD (Proof of Delivery) module
  • WebPack: Management and collaboration Web Portal B2B / B2C
  • Dashboard:  real time KPI’s monitoring

New features

  • Software Certification according to new Tax Authority rules for Shipping Notes and Shipping Documents
  • New Multi-Owner Web Portal with New Features
  • Modules update: PoD, GUI, Pre-billing, WebRF, interface modules