Logistema is part of the "Pacto da Bioeconomia Azul" consortium, which constitutes one of the mobilizing agendas for Business Innovation foreseen in the Recovery and Resilience Plan (PRR).

This is a consortium of 83 national entities led by Inovamar: 53 are companies of various sizes and sectors of activity, from large multinational conglomerates to SMEs and startups, and 30 are Non-Business Entities of the R&I System. By the end of 2025, the Consortium will invest a total of 133 million Euros in the development of more than 50 new products, processes and services.

The Blue Bioeconomy Pact's main objective is to boost the development of a new cutting-edge industrial economic sector in Portugal, based on the sustainable application of marine bio-resources in multiple industries. Its various projects will contribute to decarbonizing the Portuguese economy through the blue bioeconomy, leading to economic growth, job creation and reduction of carbon emissions in the country. Thus, this Consortium finds in the sea the solution to the global scarcity of terrestrial natural resources.  


In this context, Logistema - Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting S.A. integrates the Vertical BIVALVES that addresses the regenerative aquaculture of bivalves using innovative approaches to cultivate high-value European species. 

Logistema is responsible for the analysis and optimized specification of processes, resources and systems for the entire complex production and distribution chain, including the logistical model of the operations to be carried out, as well as the development and implementation of the digital platform for management and traceability of the supply chain of bivalves, namely support for intelligent flows of biocomponents and goods.

This project will result in a set of software products, aimed at the digital transition and optimization of supply chains in various economic sectors, with the application of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technologies, in “cloud computing” or “on-premise” architectures.

This vertical is led by Oceano Fresco and incorporates (in addition to Logistema) Aqualgae, blueOasis, CCMAR - Centro de Ciências do Mar, CIIMAR - Interdisciplinary Center of Marine and Environmental Research, Haedes, INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, IPMA - Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere, Puro Mar, Faculty of Science and Technology of the New University of Lisbon and Higher School of Biotechnology of the Catholic University of Portugal.



The launch of the "Pacto da Bioeconomia Azul" consortium was duly marked with the meeting of the respective General Assembly, on 05/29/2023, and was attended by the Minister of Economy and Maritime Affairs - Mr. António Costa Silva, the Secretary of State for the Sea and the President of IAPMEI.


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