Route optimization
case icon1Logistic Challenge
  • Route optimization for around 25 vehicles operating in national market and over 400 delivery points.

  • Healthcare, medical and promotional products distribution, straight to the hospital market in 12 hours, as well as to storers, pharmacies, dental and medical clinics and customers in 24 hours.


case icon2Solution
  • TourSolver software implementation for planning and delivery routes optimization (strategic and operational level).




case icon3Results
  • Operational cost-savings (less distance, less fuel costs).

  • Productivity gains (more visits, more sales, more interventions).

  • Service level increasing (shorter response time, delivery rules compliance).

  • Less planning time, less downtime between deliveries.

  • Shorter ride times.

  • More tasks per run.

  • Predictable arrival time, punctuality.

  • Realistic forecasts for time travel.

  • Activity and resources' monitoring