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Atlantic logistic platform

Transports Policy, Logistics and Great Infrastructure

Logistic Challenge
  • The Autonomous Region of the Azores, as a peripheral region, has some logistic and economic challenges.
  • As developed to the continental territory, the Portugal Logistics concept should be developed to this region.
  • Need to eliminate or reduce the constrains of this peripheral region, through a wider strategy within the national, european and global logistic system, focused on the atlantic dimension, with incidence in Macaronesian, and North/Latin America.
  • Expansion of own activity and develop the access to internal and external markets, through new logistic services.
  • Improve the economic activity between islands, and improve exports, based on logistic facilitators, and seeking for costs reduction regarding exports costs.
  • Deploy international logistic services while developing and operating regional air and maritime infrastructures.
  • Definition of the strategy for logistic development in the region.
  • Economic viability analysis for the introduction of a new logistic hub in the region (on going).
  • Define the implementation and financing plans for the Atlantic Logistic Platform (on going)


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